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Best servers listening only on port 3128

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Proxy IP:Port Response Time Server Speed Type Country(City) (Paris) (Manaus) proxyFrance proxyFrance (Paris) proxyFrance (Paris) (Paris) proxyFrance (Paris) proxyFrance (Paris) (Paris) proxyThailand (Bangkok)
When response time and speed are equal to 0 means 'unknown', not fast enough ip.

What are the IP addresses listening port 3128?

They are proxy IPs just like the others but the 3128 port is usually used by the Squid proxy web cache.
So, a proxy listening on 3128 port is usually conformed by squid proxies.
Squid is one of the first and most used proxy servers. It has a lot of features like being able to be transparent and provide high anonymous IP. As long as it isn't overloaded, is probably the fastest proxy! and it runs over GNU/Linux ( A very fast and reliable OS ).

A list only with 3128 ports is going to be fast?

The answer to that question can't be guaranteed on a free proxy list service. But we can guarantee that our IPs are going to be alive and working because we check all of them at every hour!
More than that, we assure that this list only containing proxies on port 3128 is going to be the most fresh and fast that you can find for free in internet.
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List of proxy servers listening on port 3128, we do our best to hourly update this 3128 proxy list.