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IP addresses only on port 8080

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Proxy 8080 is a list full of fresh proxy servers listening on port 8080

Proxy IP:Port Response Time Server Speed Type Country(City) proxyThailand (Rayong) proxyPoland (Mendoza) Kong proxyIndonesia proxyIndonesia (Singaraja) (Rio De Janeiro) (Dhaka)
When response time and speed are equal to 0 means 'unknown', not fast enough ip.

Proxy List 8080

This free proxy 8080 list has only servers listening on that port. It's useful when you have access to TCP port 8080 but no to other ports. Moreover, we provide this free proxy list 8080 24/7 and we refresh it at every hour, so is also a fresh proxy list.

There are several ocations where network administrators let that port open, there are web servers and Java related software that listens on port 8080 so they open the port and you can use it as a proxy server too.

The TCP port 8080

Misconfigured Apache servers usually works as a 8080 proxy, if you're a webmaster or network admin you should verify if you are not running a proxy server by mistake. It's easy to check that, you can use telnet to your server on port 8080 and test a proxy request, for example with a different host and URL than yours.

Well, that are the possible causes why we find this kind of open proxies out there, now we just publish here to let you use it for your needs.

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