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Free United States proxy list

USA proxy list

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Proxy IP:Port Response Time Server Speed Type Country(City) proxyUnited States (IN, Shelbyville) proxyUS proxyUS (CA, Los Angeles) proxyUSA (CA, Pasadena) (TX, La Feria) proxyUS (TX, La Feria) States (CA, Pasadena) proxyUS (GA, Atlanta) proxyUSA (CA, San Jose) (OH, Springfield) proxyUS proxyUS (VA, Ashburn) proxyUS (CA, San Francisco) proxyUnited States (MI, Ann Arbor) proxyUSA (CA, San Jose) proxyUSA (CA, San Jose) proxyUnited States (CA, San Jose) (CA, San Jose) proxyUSA (CA, San Jose) proxyUS (CA, San Jose) proxyUSA (CA, San Jose) States (CA, San Jose) (CA, San Jose)
When response time and speed are equal to 0 means 'unknown', not fast enough ip.

A list with free proxy IPs only from USA country

Sometimes you need an IP address from a specific country, like United States of America but is not easy to find a fast and free USA proxy with quality contents. An US proxy server could be very useful in countries where traffic from EEUU is not allowed or for websites that distinguish your content of policies depending the origin country IP address.
For example, there are music sites that freely allow visitors to play and download their music only for USA visitors. So, now you can use our proxy IP lists to unblock this kind of sites for any country where you from.

How can I know if an USA IP address is really from that country?

There are several ways to find this. One of the easiest and simplest is using the whois database registrars.
This database is accessed using the 'whois' gnu/linux command and have a lot of information for any internet IP address. At this way, we parse and obtain the country and city that you see in all our proxy lists.

If you have an US proxy server obtained from other source, you can verify the precedence of that IP with the command that we mention before or use some of the freely available whois query services published online at websites.

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